Small Cap and Micro Cap Market Dynamics Research

January 2018

This analysis of the US equity universe highlights the investment opportunity in small/micro cap stocks, looking at market dynamics and long-term returns by market capitalization.

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Emerging Markets Small Cap: An Underserved Asset Class

November 2017

In this white paper, we highlight the benefits of a dedicated allocation to emerging markets small cap. We discuss the asset class’ historical outperformance relative to emerging markets large cap, diversification benefits, compelling growth fundamentals, and importantly the substantial value added by active management in this fertile asset class. Further, we suggest that the recent dislocation in performance may point to an opportunistic time to introduce an allocation to emerging markets small cap.

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Broaden Your Opportunity Set With Micro Cap

October 2017

Our research suggests that institutional portfolios are underexposed to the rich opportunity set which exists at the lower end of the US equity market cap spectrum. In this white paper, we make the case for a dedicated allocation to US micro cap equities within an institutional portfolio, showing that this large, inefficient market has demonstrated superior long-term returns among the US equity market cap spectrum, diversification benefits, and a fertile ground for active management.

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Emerging Managers Monthly International Manager of the Year Award

April 2016

EAM Investors (“EAM”) is honored to receive the International Equity Manager of the Year award from Emerging Managers Monthly. Finalists were determined from 424 products in seven asset classes by using a quantitative screening process utilizing industry database, eVestment. A pool of industry participants representing plan sponsors and consultants selected the winners in each category.

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International Small Cap White Paper

March 2016

In this white paper, we seek to demonstrate why we believe there is a tremendous missed opportunity for alpha generation given the characteristics of non-US small cap equity universe. Additionally, we seek to highlight key active management attributes that have historically been successful in navigating these markets.

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