Heritage of global small cap and micro cap investing for institutional clients

Purpose-built firm designed specifically to exploit inefficient markets

Historically successful change-based investment philosophy*

*All firm composites have outperformed their respective benchmarks on a gross and net basis as of inception to date through 12/31/2021.

About EAM

EAM Investors, LLC is a majority employee-owned investment management boutique with a singular focus on managing active equity strategies in inefficient global small cap and micro cap equity markets for institutional investors. Our goal is to generate consistent alpha for our clients, thereby building lasting relationships. We achieve this by using a time-tested philosophy and a disciplined, focused and objective investment process applied throughout our strategies.

EAM is located in Solana Beach, California. As of 12/31/2021, the firm managed $3.2 Billion in AUM for institutional investors across the world. Our clients include public and corporate retirement funds, superannuation funds, sub advisory relationships, foundations, endowments and OCIO’s.

Opportunity for Active Management

EAM’s singular focus and investment opportunity spans global small cap and micro cap equity markets, both developed and emerging. At this end of the market cap spectrum, the opportunity set is vast, relatively under-covered, and fundamentally volatile. This provides EAM and its unique positive-changed based investment process the opportunity to actively exploit these market inefficiencies to earn value-added returns.

Our Perspective